Next Steps
A handy guide for newcomers



With our Swift Current Location that’s easy to find there is a great opportunity to worship with us on a weekly basis!
Visitors who live outside of Swift Current or if life finds you away from our Trailview location you can tune in and watch from home.
By far the most important connection in our lives is our ultimate relationship with our creator. We take this very seriously as a church and that is why, for most of us, regularly attending our Sunday morning worship services is one of the first steps we take on the journey of building a solid Christian faith and a strong relationship with God.
Encounter Jesus, Authentic Living, Share His Love

Small Groups meet in different areas around the city, building community, doing life and learning more about Jesus through his Word.

Get deeper in your relationships with other imperfect people, study the word, challenge each other and share your heart while learning just how much God has in store for you.

Where do I start?
Pastor Mike has written a resource called Reflections: A Devotional Companion to the Bible. This resource contains a brief reflection on each chapter of the Bible and is designed to help people better understand and apply the truths of God’s Word to their daily lives.
Need a bible? Download the YouVersion bible app for your mobile devices.
If you want to feel connected don’t just stop at being connected to a small group. Get involved.  Be a part of what’s happening at Trailview Alliance Church.  Once you have got the feel of Trailview and what goes on, we would love to have you join one of our many teams that serve on a weekly basis! 
Stay Tuned for an updated link with all the possibilities!