Why Our Church

We envision being a healthy church that is more a community than a congregation, that follows and engages fully with Jesus. It is wholeheartedly devoted to making disciples and discipling/growing disciples by equipping them to know and use their spiritual gifts and spiritual energy – in other words, we are lead/energized/fueled by the Holy Spirit. We individually and collectively build intimate relationships with one another and with Jesus, that build one another up, and are relevant on all levels, and take care of the whole person – head, hearts and hands.

Everything we do hinges on encountering the living Christ so that people who encounter Him for the first time are never the same – they are transformed. And growing/maturing disciples/followers of Jesus continue to grow in their faith, become more like Him, and are in an ongoing transformation process. This ongoing encounter is what makes this a happening space, on Sunday, and through the week out into our homes and workplaces.

We encounter Christ to transform ourselves, our church community, the neighbouring community, and overseas missions. These are the things that give us purpose no matter what age we are, where we come from, what family background we have, what hang-ups or issues we bring, or how long we’ve been here.
Lead Pastor: Mike Smart
Associate Pastor (Worship & Discipleship): Keith Kitchen
Associate Pastor (Family & Community): Bryon Bezanson
Youth Pastor: Duane Reimer
Secretary: Tasha Newbourgh
Bookkeeper: Karen Rempel