At Trailview Alliance Church, we LOVE your kids! And we also LOVE their parents! God has entrusted you with a great responsibility – to physically AND spiritually lead and nurture your kids. We want to do everything we can to help and equip you to rock it!
You see, you – the parent – are the greatest influence in the life of your kids! Sure, we get to spend (on average) about 30-40 hours PER YEAR with your kids, and we want to make the most of every minute we have to point kids to God! But you – YOU have about 3000 HOURS PER YEAR with your kids! There’s just no way that the church can have the same impact that you can…and do. But imagine what happens when we partner together – combine our influence! Think of it in terms of colours. If red represents the home and family (the heart), and yellow represents the church (the light of the Gospel) you have two strong, vibrant colours all on their own, right? Now, what if you combine red and yellow? AMAZING! A brand new, even more vibrant colour –
That’s our philosophy of ministry here at Trailview. We don’t want to see the truths kids learn at church on Sunday get forgotten from Monday to Saturday. We want to see kids apply the truths of God’s Word to their lives in situations they face every day – at home, at school, on the playground; with family, with friends, with teachers, coaches, maybe even with the server at McDonalds! So there are some easy, fun to use tools we provide for you each week. You can see examples of these in the slide show to the left or in the album below.
God Time Card – Here are 4 short devotional thoughts that will encourage your kids to see how the truth of Scripture applies to their lives. Younger children, in particular, might need help reading and answering the questions, but this is a great tool to use to encourage your kids to be intentional about spending time with God and His Word.
These and even more great tools and ideas are available to you at:
where you’ll find fun, interactive things for kids to enjoy, as well as blogs, resources, videos and more for parents and the whole family. Because we subscribe to the 252 Basics curriculum, a free access code for is available for Trailview families from Pastor Kim.
Parent Cue
You’ll find even MORE insights and encouragements at
. God’s given you a BIG task to accomplish in growing your kids up in Him, but He knows you can do it! And by thinking ORANGE, we’ll all be more effective and impactful as we “train up these kids in the way they should go”! (Proverbs 22:6/Deuteronomy 6)
Check out for additional blogs and ideas for using home time to dig the truth of God’s Word deep into kids’ hearts.
The Splink newsletter is an awesome tool to use for fun, easy, inexpensive family night activities that teach important Bible principles to the whole family.