By far the most important connection in our lives is our ultimate relationship with our creator. We take this very seriously as a church and that is why, for most of us, regularly attending our Sunday morning worship services is one of the first steps we take on the journey of building a solid Christian faith and a strong relationship with God.
Worship is about entering into the very presence of the Living God. We sing, and we sing passionately, because we’re interacting with a God who is worth being passionate about.
When we pray, we pray sincerely because we know a God who hears and answers our prayers.
When we hear the proclamation of God’s Word, we listen intently because God is actually speaking to us and has a message for our lives.
When we give, we give generously in recognition that God has provided everything we have and expects to use what we have for the good of others and not only for ourselves.
When we meet others, we greet them warmly because the love of God was meant to be shared with others.
When we leave, we leave as a people transformed because God has placed us on this earth to live lives of consequence and meaning.
This is why Sunday morning worship is so important to our spiritual growth and spiritual health. If knowing God is something that is important to you we enthusiastically invite you to come to Trailview this weekend.