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16Living things grow – a living faith is no different.
While attending church on a Sunday can provide a significant amount of growth and nourishment, it can really only take you so far. The reason is that there things in the Christian life that cannot be put into practice sitting in a pew with 400 other people. Deeper growth requires something more deliberate and personal.
At Trailview Alliance Church we offer a large number and variety of Growth Groups. A Growth Group is a small group of 8-12 people who gather together, often in someone’s living room, to learn about God together.
Growth Groups offer an opportunity like no other to be able share struggles and ask questions in a safe place with others who are walking on the same spiritual journey as you are. It is a great place both to learn from each other, and also to support and encourage each other.
So much of what Jesus taught us is about how we live out the Christian walk with our friends, neighbours, and family members.
Trailview Growth Groups give you an excellent opportunity to connect, grow, and flourish spiritually. If you are interested in finding out about the different kinds of Growth groups we have available please email Pastor Mike or phone him at the church at 773-4433.