Discipleship Pathways

For believers in Christ, the journey towards spiritual maturity is not optional. However, because we are unique and our life situations are different, we don’t all have to pursue this journey in the same way. At Trailview, we offer three distinct ways of helping people in their journey towards spiritual maturity. You can begin by choosing the pathway that best suits your personality and life situation at this time, or you can choose to participate in each one of them if you have the time and inclination to do so. You are most likely familiar with each of these types of pathways from other journeys you’ve taken. We’ve simply adapted them for the purpose of being intentional in helping us make progress in our journey towards spiritual maturity.
1.The Group Tour
2.The Guided Tour
3.The Self-Guided Tour
These are the options available to you through Trailview to assist you on your journey with Jesus. We aren’t forcing any of them on you, but we do want to help you to make progress. There’s always room for another traveller who would like to join us on the journey towards spiritual maturity. If you would like more information on any or all of these steps, please call or email me (Pastor Mike) and I’ll do everything I can to help you take the next step that suits you best.